Useful tools & apps

There are a range of useful free apps and tools available online to help you get your finances better under control, optimise your existing contracts, reduce monthly costs or simply save money on an everyday basis. Perhaps there is something there for you?

Save on your goals and get cash back with the FutureBoost cashback.
cash back to your account: Monkee supports you on your way to achieving your savings goals. It helps you stay motivated and get back into the habit of saving without sacrificing. Saving is fun!

Save & Cashback in one app

Looking at our bank balance at the end of the month can often be a shock: Where does all the money go? The solution is a budget tracker. “Daily Budget Original” has a really motivational approach. Based on your income and fixed costs, the app assigns you a daily budget. If you spend less, you can see how your “wealth” continues to grow.

Daily Budget Original

Keeping track of your finances is not easy. Fabit is a digital coach for better money management. In the free app, you have an overview of your finances, can plan your budget and instalments, deposit open bills and get answers to all your questions about money. There are also over 100 savings tips and challenges. Fabit wants you to be financially fit and self-determined.

Financial Fitness

You know Check24? Joonko is the new portal for the best car insurance prices.

These days, changing your car insurance is hardly any more difficult than buying a pair of trainers. And, unlike the trainers, it can save you a whole load of money.

Reduce your car costs

Bonify helps you save and improve your credit score. The app helps you manage all your accounts and gives you specific saving tips that are tailored to your financial situation.

Monitor your credit score

Has your old phone been sitting in a drawer for ages, or do you have a games console gathering dust in the loft? Clevertronic turns old gadgets into money. In collaboration with Clevertronic, PAIR Finance allows you to pay outstanding bills with used electrical equipment.

Sell unused electrical devices.

The free budget tracker from “korAccount” gives you control over your private finances. You can record income and expenditure, transfers and direct debits for various accounts manually or load them directly to your bank statements.

You can find a comparison of the best digital budget trackers at

Digital budget tracker

Earn money from home:
you can become a member of the largest market research companies in the world and earn up to 15 euros for each online survey, product test or other test from the comfort of your own home.

Earn money online.

Save money and combat food waste, you can do both at the same time with the “Too good to go” app. The idea is that restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets and hotels offer food that they no longer need, at a discounted price, of course. The app is now even cooperating with Rewe, one of the leading supermarkets in Germany. Simply select a shop nearby and buy food directly through the app. Then you can collect it, for example, just before the shop shuts.
For Android and iOS.

Save food & save cash

If you keep a budget, you generally have a better overview of your finances. In the past, this often meant a notebook with income and expenditure, while we now manage our income and expenditure using apps on our phones.

Testing the best budget tracker apps for 2019

Register with cashback portals to save money. Here, you can check whether you can buy the same product somewhere else for less. At the same time, other registered users can send you a personalised link through which you can shop. Then you get money back when you make a purchase. Users who buy through cashback portals are also often spared the postage costs.

Cashback portals

Are you out and about a lot? Roamler lets you earn money in your free time. There are little jobs, like taking photos of easily accessible places, such as public buildings, the entrances of restaurant or shelves in supermarkets. But you do need to follow the instructions carefully, or you are chucked out of the system. You are paid via PayPal.
For Android and iOS.

Earn money on the side with your phone

The price search engine Idealo has two interesting tools.

1. Price history: shows how prices have developed over the last 3 months.
2. Price alarm: not in a hurry, but you know exactly how much a specific product is worth to you? Then set up a price alarm.

It’s really handy. Comparing pays off!

Become a price detective

Finance made magically easy. Manage all your accounts and contracts in one clever app. And have more money for the things that are important to you.

Finance apps for contract management

With your Amazon account, you can shop at any other foreign Amazon store, such as (France), (Spain) or (Italy). Sometimes, the prices are so much cheaper that they compensate for the higher shipping costs. Search portal also offers a simple pan-European price comparison.

Compare international Amazon prices.

Scoondoo gives you money back when you spend. The app shows you good-value offers. You buy specific products in the store (of course, only those you actually need). Then, take a picture of your till receipt, upload it to the app and get cash back on your purchases - sometimes even the whole amount.
For Android and iOS.

Get money back for shopping

The Refill Deutschland website shows you a map of Germany with water stations and cooperating restaurants, where you can fill up your own water bottle free of charge. You can also spot partners by the stickers in the window.

Refill your water bottle free of charge.

Hotels are expensive, Airbnb is often a more affordable alternative and Couchsurfing is ... free. You can also get to know people who invite you into their own homes and often take the time to show you the region or share in their everyday lives. And don’t worry, despite what the name suggests, you don’t have to sleep on a couch, often enough you get your own bed.


... are perfect when it comes to affordable mobility outside your own local area. There is a dense network of towns in Germany, and the people love to drive - so there are car pooling options in Germany for virtually every route at any time, especially if you are prepared to go a few kilometres out of your way. The easiest way is to find trips on large portals like “Blablacar”.

Car pooling opportunities

On social media and the internet as a whole, there are numerous local and regional groups offering various items as gifts. From thimbles and old stamps to rowing boats and Samurai swords, you can find everything and more. All you have to do is collect the object of your desire, or pay the postage.

Gifting pages