Back-up Servicing.

PAIR Finance offers comprehensive back-up services and tailored services in receivables management for companies, financial service providers and refinancing partners (e.g. banks and alternative lenders). Our automation and the tailored technical system connection means we can offer the most efficient back-up servicing solution for claims in a range of asset classes.

  • 1. Portfolio management and controlling
  • 2. Fully automated receivables management and payment monitoring
  • 3. Digital debt collection process
Portfolio management & controllingFully automated receivables management and payment monitoringDigital debt collection process
Highly automated data transfer, regular comparison and continuous mapping of data.

Transparent information management and data quality analysis.

Ongoing controlling and reporting.
Takeover of all existing claims with fully automated commercial collections process.

Real-time comparison of payment flows.
Customer-focused, customised collection process.

Optimised court collection proceedings and efficient long-term monitoring.

Regular portfolio assessment for one-off or ongoing purchase of outstanding debts.
Grover, the most innovative provider in the sharing economy for technology in Germany, uses PAIR Finance for the servicing of refinancing portfolios. The leading financial service providers in Europe, who have concluded long-term agreements on the refinancing of high-tech gadgets with Grover, can rely on professional services from PAIR Finance if required.