PAIR Finance Service for the payment industry

Modern, innovative debt collection for payment service providers

Are you a successful payment service provider working in e-commerce? Do you want to optimise your receivables management or expand the services you offer your clients by providing payment services? PAIR Finance offers efficient, modern, digital receivables management for online payment service providers. Find out more about what we offer, for more payment security and effective limitation of payment defaults. You can worry about the seamless processing of your clients’ payment systems – we can worry about payment security.

We know the business of payment service providers and what makes it different

Payment service providers make sure that successful online retailers can offer their customers a range of contemporary payment options.

The provision of different payment options is generally a factor in the success of online businesses, as retailers with convenient payment options can considerably improve on the conversion rate for their online stores.

Often, online retailers can only offer payments by credit card or invoice with the support of payment service providers, because these payment methods are so complex. One the one hand, many web-shops would be overstretched in providing the technical requirements for these kinds of payments, on the other hand, the dealers often cannot or do not want to bear the failure risks alone. Payment service providers are therefore not only increasingly providing the payment services for webshop operators and online dealers, but also covering the reminder and debt collection risk or seeking to extend their service portfolio in this direction. The deeper they get involved in risk management for their clients, the greater the failure risks they are exposed to. So they need to make efforts both to effectively limit the risks for the dealer and themselves, while at the same time guaranteeing the dealers revenue targets through these unreliable payment methods. PAIR Finance is a valuable partner here for receivables management and especially debt collection. Our platform has dedicated interfaces specially for payment service providers.

What we can do for you

Our approach is fundamentally different to that of traditional debt collection companies.
Our first contact with the debtor is always digital, offering them a quick, simple solution of paying via our payment page. The individual customer is always the focus of the exchange. Our algorithm determines dynamic process workflows based on the customer’s reactions. Find out more about the special debt collection options for payment service providers.

An overview of what we do

  1. Dynamic, digital, data-based receivables management
  2. Excellent transparency
  3. Additional liquidity
  4. Secures customer relationship even in difficult situations
  5. Minimises payment defaults
  6. Support in the development of individual risk parameters
  7. Complete automation of processes by integrating contemporary interfaces

Our method combines machine learning with behavioural research. This achieves the following benefits, especially in communications:

  • Debtors are contacted via tailored communications channels
  • Process workflows are constantly and flexibly adapted to the reactions of the other party
  • Application of the latest behavioural research findings in interactions
  • We communicate with the customers in real time
  • Reduction of contact time by cutting out postal correspondence and similar delays inherent to traditional communication routes

We approach customers the right way

The way clients are approached is a decisive factor in whether outstanding debts are paid or not. Traditional debt collection often does not strike the right tone in customer communications, which increases the probability of the debtors ultimately defaulting. We have developed innovative forms of communicating with customers, as pressure itself is often not the right approach.

We make it as easy as possible for the debtor to pay

We have observed that the simplicity of the payment is an important criterion when it comes to the payment of the outstanding amount. By using our payment page and offering various payment options, we can catch the debtor just where they are. They can pay simply online or from a mobile. We have also experienced that e-payment significantly increases motivation to pay. We are also able to react directly to the debtor’s actions on our payment page.

Our clients.