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Mobility in all its forms plays a significant role in the modern service industry. In line with this development, new services have emerged in recent years. The sharing economy is one of the key topics in this context, which characterises a society motivated by an increasing awareness of sustainability and environment issues. Typical examples in this sector include car-sharing providers, car hire companies and e-scooter hire companies. This highly interesting market poses really specific challenges for the companies affected when it comes to debt recovery. Our tailored debt collection service for mobility companies is spot on here.

Mobility companies – a market with challenges for receivables management

While the content of the mobility segment is attractive and innovative, the classic principle applies when it comes to unpaid bills: If too many payments are defaulted, the liquidity and survival of the company are at stake.
But in an industry which is as fiercely competitive as the mobility sector, this is much more relevant than in other areas. Added to this is the fact that there is massive cut-throat competition in the mobility sector which has little tolerance for weakness in company management and administration. There are numerous mobility companies active, especially in the big cities, offering their customers a welcome alternative, but this is where the competition is also at its fiercest. Sharing mobility is a business with a future, but only for those whose survive in the market and operate modern receivables management systems.

One of the major challenges of receivables management for mobility companies is the fact that the sums involved are often very small. At the same time, reliable customer retention is one of the key factors in business success. Mobile customers should use the company’s services again and again, they should become part of their everyday lives. So it is important to use a receivables management provider who is able to collect even very small debts efficiently.

As a result, it is important in receivables management for mobility companies to ensure that individual customers, who are mostly pretty digital-savvy, are both given enough attention to retain their use of the service while at the same time any outstanding debts must be recovered through engagement, as lots of small outstanding amounts can quickly add up to a large amount in arrears. Handling lots of very small debts is both time-consuming and resource-intensive if the debt collection methods used are not professional and, more importantly, automated. This can result in more costs and more time that the companies, often innovative, ambitious start-ups, neither want to waste nor can they afford. If these providers neglect receivables management or are too brutal in their approach to recovering outstanding debts, it can often have a long-lasting negative impact on their business.

This poses the question as to what effective debt collection for mobility companies should look like.

Debt collection for mobility companies – we have the answers

Our debt collection tools are adapted to the market and the individual debtors, making them dynamic, effective and time-saving. We can manage large numbers of claims with optimum efficiency on a purely digital basis. By approaching debtors individually, we substantially increase provide rates and allow simple settlement of the debt with no changes in media format. Put your faith in our tailored claims management systems for mobility customers, let us handle your outstanding claims and you can focus on your core business and building up new areas of business in the mobility sector while we secure your liquidity. We can advise you on all the individual options for your company.

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