Our system.

PAIR Finance developed a proprietary system which is customisable according to the technical and economic needs of your company.

Industries of the digital transformation.

Digital receivables management for digital customers. If online retailers want to survive amid increasingly fierce competition, they must provide user-friendly payment options and thus enter into risks. Recognising and preventing this through customer-oriented receivables management is what we do.


PAIR Finance offers efficient, innovative receivables management for online payment service providers. The focus here is very much on your client’s end customer. PAIR Finance uses targeted measures in the debt collection process to both secure the liquidity of the payment service provider and retain the relationship with the end customer.

Payment Service Providers
Payment Service Providers
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The high costs of attracting customers are putting pressure on margins, especially for banks and fintechs. This is why customer-oriented claims management and a contemporary, digital solution are critical.


In the insurance industry, it is important to maintain existing customer relationships. The focus here is on NPS. In order to ensure this, PAIR Finance receivables management for insurance companies relies on a combination of customer-friendliness and uncomplicated, digital solution options.

Insurance Companies
Insurance Companies

One of the major challenges of receivables management for mobility companies is the fact that the sums involved are often very small. At the same time, reliable customer retention is one of the key factors in business success. This is exactly where our digital, efficient process comes in.

Mobility Service Providers
Mobility Service Providers

Especially for companies offering online services, receivables management in the digital age must be kept simple and efficient. In the digital world, there is a particular desire to retain customers after the settlement of the payment issue.

Online Service Providers
Online Service Providers
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PAIR Finance’s digital approach to receivables management is the perfect complement to digital media products. Those streaming music or consuming online media are unlikely to want to receive letters in the post. At the same time, real-time reporting of payments received is critical for the activation of media accounts.

Media Companies
Media Companies

Particularly among utilities companies, we often see an urge to rush into legal proceedings, which does not fit in with a customer-driven approach. This is exactly where PAIR Finance comes in, with its dynamic, intensive out-of-court recovery process which attempts to retain the customer relationship despite the debt collection.

Energy and Gas Providers
Energy and Gas Providers

Whether you’re a network operator or a service provider, it does not matter how digital our agents are, we will find the right channel for communication with your clients. Especially if one channel is already closed.


Easy and fast integration.

Individual case creation
Individual record creation

Manual creation and processing of customer records directly in the PAIR Finance system.

Record transferal via partner systems.
Individual server integration.

Automatic and daily file transfer for customer records via individual SFTP/FTPS server integration.

Einfache Dateiübergabe in .csv
Uncomplicated record transfer as .csv file.

Secured transfer of customer records as .csf file.

Integration via REST-API.

Automatic file transfer for customer records via REST-API integration.

API description

Targeted reporting.

Customised analyses and evaluations of your customer records.
Realtime analyses and transparent overview of your customer records.
Status updates, communication progress, financial return prognoses, financial reports and billings for your customer records - everything at a glance.
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Operative efficiency.

Accessibility of your customer through multidimensional communication.
Automatic and system based solution finding with your customer.
Replies to your requests or those of your customers.
Data security and adherence to the privacy regulations according to DSGVO.
CSAT evaluation of your customers in the collection process.
Customer Satisfaction (1 = unsatisfied to 5 = very satisfied)

Our customers.

"PAIR Finance is our partner in the insurance business for the commercial dunning process according to VVG as well as in the subsequent collection procedure. In the context of this cooperation I particularly appreciate the good cooperation with the highly motivated and innovative team at PAIR Finance, as well as the friendly and solution-oriented approach to our customers. PAIR Finance has already achieved very good results in the still very young cooperation. I am looking forward to the intensive partnership of two technology companies on equal terms".
Bernd Oehlen, Senior Manager Finance-Operations of nexible GmbH
"As the market leader and pioneer of free-floating car sharing, receivables management and collection are part of our digital customer journey. With its customer-oriented approach and the highest level of digitalization, PAIR Finance provides us with ideal support. Our customers can settle their open invoices with all relevant payment options. The SHARE NOW team appreciates the professional and efficient collaboration." share-now.de
René Lange, Head of Treasury SHARE NOW
"PAIR Finance is a sister company of the finleap Group and our partner in the area of debt collection in the insurance business. As a provider of modern white-label insurance solutions, we were convinced by the innovative and customer-friendly approach to receivables management. We are very satisfied with the cooperation with the dynamic team of PAIR Finance and the fast realization of outstanding receivables".
Dr. Christian Macht, CEO of ELEMENT Insurance AG
„PAIR Finance represents the future of receivables management: digital, efficient, customer oriented. Both their technology-driven approach and the team's competence convinced us to invest. We are looking forward to expand our so far successful collaboration.“
Kai-Uwe Mokros, MD of Zalando Payments GmbH
„As experts for unique experiences, it is important to us to have found an expert for receivables management in PAIR Finance, who contacts our customers very individually and with due sensitivity in order to correct any potential misunderstandings. Thus we can build a long-term and confident customer relation and provide for memorable and extraordinary experiences – for anybody, at any time, at any place.“
Kim Florian Feigl, CFO of Jochen Schweizer Mydays Group
"FRIDAY has found a reliable partner in PAIR Finance, which follows a very similar approach: to put the simple, digital and customer-oriented experience at the focus of all processes. PAIR Finance convinces not only with its professional handling of customer receivables in the insurance sector, but also with its fast recovery taking into account the individual customer situation. We appreciate the high flexibility and are looking forward to the next steps of the partnership with PAIR Finance".
Christoph Samwer, CEO and Founder FRIDAY Insurance S.A.
„As a payment service provider in the digital context we are explicitly looking for partners who als think „digital first“. We promise our customers a smooth payment experience und found with PAIR Finance a debt collection partner with many ways of payment, also usable on mobile devices, as well as a dynamic customer communication.“
Jacob von Ingelheim, manager of BillPay GmbH & SOFORT GmbH
„Thanks to PAIR Finance as a strong partner we can process outstanding debt considerably more efficiently, faster and therefore more customer friendly. Thus we can fully concentrate on our core business.“
Sven Lackinger, founder and manager of evopark GmbH
„It gives me great pleasure to work with PAIR Finance. PAIR understands that the good relation to my customers is the most important part of my business, and I do everything preserve it – without losing tracking of outstanding debt.“
Sabrina Schönborn, founder and manager of SugarShape GmbH
"PAIR Finance offers the best collection solution we could find on the market. The excellent client dashboard was one reason of our decision for the fintech: the intuitive interface and the effective provision of KPIs convinced us. Getsafe wants to make insurance better without conditions. PAIR Finance supports us with the best of both worlds - a first-class client experience and an efficient KPI tool."
Sabrina Schönborn, Gründerin und Geschäftsführerin der SugarShape GmbH
„PAIR Finance bietet die beste Inkassolösung, die wir auf dem Markt finden konnten. Das exzellente Mandanten-Dashboard war ein Grund unserer Entscheidung für das Fintech: die intuitive Oberfläche und die effektive Bereitstellung von KPIs haben uns überzeugt. Getsafe möchte Versicherungen bedingungslos besser machen. PAIR Finance unterstützt uns dabei mit dem Besten aus zwei Welten - einem erstklassigen Kundenerlebnis und einem effizienten Kennzahlentool.“
Michael Oberste, CFO Getsafe
"What I particularly appreciate about working with PAIR Finance is that I do not only have a personal and very competent contact person for my questions, but can also find out more about important topics such as data protection and the client portal in the "PAIR Academy". At the first PAIR Academy event, I learned even more first-hand about the automated functions of the client portal, which makes my work much easier. Via the portal, I have real-time insight into all ongoing processes and can actively intervene and communicate at any time."
Janin Schadenberg, Specialist Payment Communication at Home24